Studio Gribbin cooperates with Café Once to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
14th - 19th March, on the occasion of St. Patrick´s Day, Studio Gribbin in cooperaiton with Cafe Once in České Budějovice prepared special Irish Week. During that week you had the possibility to taste traditional irish drinks and listen to irish music. On St. Patrick´s Day (17th March) there was a music band Alreens, which concentrates mostly on irish and scotish traditional music. By this we would like to say thanks to them for wonderful music experience and pleasant atmosphere.
St. Patrick´s Day is national irish holiday in honor of St. Patrick who brought cristianity to Ireland. It is said, that on St. Patrick´s Day every person becomes an Irish and in many parts of the world people dress in green. For the Irish it is a day of sharing of the best of Ireland, especialy the friendliness and opennes of its people.
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